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Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #1

Boutique dessert concept

These are one of the fastest growing sectors within the franchise industry; specifically because of their low overhead and the aesthetic qualities of menu items. Their unique creations have led to a strong demand for more locations, leading the founders to franchise Holy Shakes for motivated entrepreneurs!
Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #2

Our delicious and creative Menu

The Holy Shakes menu was refined by renowned pastry chef, Gabriela Bergoderi. It includes eight signature milkshake recipes, seven signature sundaes, and a vast menu of ice cream, mix-ins, and toppings to allow customers the opportunity to design their own!
Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #3

Nespresso bar

In addition to this, they offer a Nespresso bar with boutique-quality coffee, and an assortment of classic dessert treats such as ice cream sandwiches, brownies, popsicles, donut sandwiches, and mini-Bundt cakes. Moreover, Holy Shakes keeps itself invested in the community by donating a portion of their profits to the St. Jude Organization.
Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #4

More Affordable!

The Holy Shakes franchise opportunity is more affordable than worn out brands. The following is a breakdown of the prominent expenses of your initial investment, with estimates varying depending on your location.
Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #5

All expenses included in your investment

Included in your investment all franchise development expenses, essential business permits and licenses, furniture and décor, uniforms, and a three-month capital reserve to keep your venture running during lean times. Franchisees are awarded an exclusive territory of the lesser of a 3-mile radius or a population of 30,000. Per industry regulations, franchisees must submit monthly royalties of 6% of gross sales and a local marketing fee of 2% of gross sales.
Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #6

Training Program

Investment also includes a franchise training program that will prepare you to run your Holy Shakes location, regardless of previous experience in the restaurant industry. Through a combined 74 hours of classroom and hands-on training, franchisees will be vetted on operating all facets of Holy Shakes. This includes food prep, staff management, handling administrative duties, and efficiently marketing Holy Shakes to drive more customers to your location! Moreover, our franchise support team will oversee your franchise development to assure you’re prepared for long-term success!
Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #7

More economical that start from scratch!

Investing to franchise a Holy Shakes is more economical than using that investment to start a dessert concept from scratch. In a five-year time frame, franchises have a 92% survival rate compared to independently-owned businesses, with only 25% staying open within that same span of time.
Why Holy Shakes?

Reason #8

Invest in a market of $6 billion in revenue

With the U.S. ice cream shop industry raking in a combined $6 billion in revenue, there is high demand to provide the market with a high-quality dessert concept. Franchisees can also utilize the beautiful aesthetics of Holy Shakes’ menu items as a marketing strategy, as customers love sharing photos on social media! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and contact Franchise Creator and reserve your territory to open up a Holy Shakes!
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